circular furniture procurement

There is much talk about circular procurement, but how do you put together such a tender? Alliander has created a tender for furniture to maximize the ambitions of the organization in terms of the circular economy.

In line with the circular redevelopment of its location in Arnhem, Alliander also wanted to equip its interior in a circular manner at this location. This was not so much about the standard desks and chairs – after all, these would be re-deployed on location, therefore work in accordance with the principles of circular economy – but rather the meeting furniture and other ‘specials’. Upon completion of the selection phase, during which five suitable suppliers were chosen for the task, Copper8 was asked to think about how the tenders and contracts could be shaped further in accordance with the principles of the circular economy.

Due to the starting point being marked by the selection criteria, this had to be innovated within existing and set frameworks. Together with the tender team, questions concerning the circular economy were developed on which applicants could provide input, the pros and cons were weighed up and an evaluation methodology was designed. Copper8 also led the market consultation that informed the applicants about the sophisticated approach towards the circular economy.

Ultimately, the contract was awarded, and subsequently intensive discussions were undertaken with the awarded party about the exact interpretation of the contract. As a result, a Socially Responsible Procurement statement was developed, in which mutual and clear agreements were formulated. The financial model on which the circular principles were secured was further detailed, and a matrix was developed with which the original program requirements and the circular alternative could be objectively compared.

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