Article Tender Newsletter: ‘Circular Procurement you do together’

op 24 september 2015

In September 2015 an article appeared in the Tender Newsletter (Tendernieuwsbrief) by Copper8 consultant Cécile van Oppen about circular procurement. In the article, entitled ‘Circular Procurement you do together’, Cécile argues that with circular procurement it is not only the technical side of circularity, but it’s just as important to seek and safeguard cooperation.

Because of the increasing focus on the topic ‘Circular Procurement’ the Tender Newsletter asked Copper8 to write an article on this subject. With the article the Tender Newsletter aims to inform its readers – mostly buyers from organizations and/or tender managers at tendering parties – about developments in procurement and purchasing.

In the article, the model (developed by Copper8) “Content, Process, Finance” forms the basis:


This means:

The full article (in Dutch) can be found here.

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