Cecile van Oppen nominated for Viva400 as a world improver

op 14 oktober 2015

Women’s magazine Viva has compiled a list of 400 leaders who have in their eyes made a difference in 2015 within their own field. In doing so, the magazine created four categories: creatives, brains, powerhouses and world improvers. Co-founder of Copper8, Cécile van Oppen, is nominated together with 99 other exceptional woman in the category of ‘world improvers’.

In the words of Viva: “These powerful women were in the spotlight last year because they won a prize, discovered a gap in the market, dared to stick their heads above the parapet and above all followed their dreams.” This is certainly the case for Cécile; with the creation of Copper8 in 2013, Cécile and her business partner Noor pursued two concrete dreams:

We are proud that these dreams are being recognized!

You can vote on the Viva400 website. The winners will be announced in Amsterdam on 17 November.

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