5 questions for… Eline van Terwisga

on 04 March 2020

New year, new power! Eline van Terwisga joined our team in January. This cheerful creative did her thesis research with Babette Porcelijn (The Hidden Impact), and with those insights she is eager to make a positive impact! Curious about our new colleague? We asked her five questions to make a quick introduction.

Describe yourself in 3 words…
Curious, creative and optimistic

What unique quality do you bring to the team?
Coming from a design background, I’m constantly working to answer the question: how do I make this complex content understandable for other people? Within an ambitious and close-knit team, like that of Copper8, I try to make connections and come up with new solutions. I want to transform topics within the circular economy into a concrete approach that people can really work with; I do that by asking curious questions and taking a fresh look at the situation.

Why did you choose Copper8?
The combination of a clear vision, the courage to pursue it and the way in which circularity returns in all layers was appealing. And since Copper8 never takes the same approach, you need to remain creative and also critical. This makes Copper8 the place for me to realize my sustainability ambitions.

What is your dream project?
In my dreams, I bring the world a step closer to a more sustainable and livable future with every project I work on. In these projects, people come together toward a common goal instead of being at odds. This is how we find the courage to make a fundamental change, one that doesn’t just stop with words, but really leads to action.

When you’re not busy improving the world, where can we find you?
In Rotterdam! I enjoy going to the theater there, or running through the park, or just sitting on the bench with a newspaper and a cup of coffee. That gives me the energy to get the most out of myself at Copper8 – and to make the world a little more beautiful together!

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