Circular Revenue Models: research results

on 03 September 2019

At the end of September, we will present the results of our research into Circular Revenue Models. In recent years, Copper8 has had a growing focus on revenue models such as buy-back and lease constructions. Entrepreneurs are increasingly using these types of revenue models to stimulate circularity. However, when we applied the models, we noticed a gap between theory and practice.

So over the last year, we have studied the material. Working with partners KPMG and Kennedy van der Laan, we had discussions with Dutch pioneers, including Mud Jeans, Bundles, Desko, Gispen, Interface, Signify and Auping. These discussions have resulted in two publications that we will present at the Circl College Tour in Amsterdam at the end of September:

  1. A guide to circular revenue models for entrepreneurs
  2. A publication about the barriers to the application of circular revenue models


With these publications, we aim to clarify – for both entrepreneurs and policymakers – what it means to apply circular revenue models.

With the publication about the barriers, we also want to be open about the challenges companies, particularly smaller entrepreneurs, encounter in the transition to the circular economy. If we want to encourage ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’ in the context of this transition, we will also need to revise our existing accounting rules.

Do you want to join us at the launch? You can register here.

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