Circular Procurement Congress 2017

on 13 October 2017

The Circular Procurement Congress 2017 will take place in Tallinn (Estonia) on 18 and 19 October. Just like last year, Cécile van Oppen will co-chair the event, during which (semi-)governments from different European countries will meet to share the latest insights in the field of Circular Procurement.

The idea that procurement can be an important driver for the Circular Economy is now commonplace in the Netherlands, but in other European countries, ambitions are also starting to shift from sustainable to circular procurement. For example, in Flanders, 140 signatories have recently committed to the ‘Green Deal Circular Procurement’ project, and in Scandanavian countries there is also plenty of experimentation with circular procurement happening.

To exchange knowledge and the latest insights, the Circular Procurement Congress was organized for the second consecutive year. Amsterdam was the host city last year; this time Tallinn, Estonia will host the conference. Cécile van Oppen will chair the event with Robert Holdway this year.

You can find more information about the conference here.

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