Nomination for the ABN AMRO Sustainable 50

on 05 March 2020

For the last 12 years, the Copper8 team has been committed to sustainable and circular construction. This year, our efforts will be rewarded once again with a nomination for the ABN AMRO Sustainable 50 (ABN AMRO Duurzame 50 in Dutch). The list will be celebrated and the first place will be announced during the Green Tie Gala at Building Holland.

In 2019, the Copper8 team continued to make an impact in the circular construction economy, including through iconic projects like the Waterschapshuis. We launched ambitious tenders for various housing associations and universities, and we published our first series of papers on Circular Revenue Models, one of which is about the construction industry (in Dutch) specifically. What’s even better is that we worked with Ex’Tax, the Groene Brein and SuperUse studios to start a project in which we would experiment with a tax shift in construction (moving the tax burden from labor to raw materials), and look at what this would do to the business case for circular construction.

Fortunately, we’ve got plenty more energy, and in the coming years, we will continue to work on iconic projects and on developing the right policy setting for a large-scale transition.

We congratulate all other nominees, as well as all those who are working hard on the sustainable transition, whether they’re in the spotlight or behind the scenes.

You can find more information about the ABN AMRO Sustainable 50 here (in Dutch). And this year, the audience can vote too – will you help us get into the Top 50? You can vote here until 9 March.

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