Transformation assignment: Healthcare real estate

The assignment

Cordaan, the largest healthcare institution in Amsterdam and the surrounding area, was facing a challenge in 2013 to transform a large number of care and nursing homes into sustainable contemporary locations within seven years. To achieve this, the organization went in search of suitable partners to enter into a value chain collaboration.


In line with its strategy to make housing more sustainable, Cordaan put together a transformation program for 2015 to 2022. This program highlights both the necessity (high costs and discounts on fees) and the usefulness of the housing being truly supportive of the (new) healthcare process.

The question

Support us in shaping and supervising a tendering process to select three coalitions that will implement the transformation task in a value chain collaboration and within a framework agreement.

The requirements

Two objectives were central to the request: working with the organization’s ambitions and selecting three value chain partners. The ambitions the organization formulated for housing were customer orientation, safety, sustainability coupled with comfort and flexibility. In the value chain collaboration, intensive knowledge sharing within and between the three coalitions was very important.

The process

We first explored the complex real estate and organization assignment that stood before us. Based on the knowledge we gathered, we drew up an innovative interrogation process. This resulted in a market consultation and a dialogue phase, in which important interactions took place between Cordaan and the market parties. These contact moments generated confidence in the request, and on that basis, the parties were chosen for qualitative components in combination with the development of a concrete case.

The result

Three coalitions were contracted in a framework agreement to execute the transformation activities in a value chain collaboration in the period 2015-2022. They are: Duet (Facilicom and Ucility); Dura Vermeer together with Eneco and BBN Adviseurs; and Care & Co (Van Wijnen, Buro SBH, DGMR, Kuijpers and Bureau Ouderenzorg).

“Very involved and intrinsically motivated to create a better world, Noor helped Cordaan find partners who want to create the best accommodation for clients, with a shared goal and shared responsibility.” Sophie Keulemans Housing Director

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