Guidance for a Circular Office Furnishing Learning Network

The background

To further accelerate circular procurement, PIANOo and Rijkswaterstaat are organizing ten Climate Neutral and Circular Procurement Learning Networks. Copper8 developed the content of the Circular Office Furnishing Learning Network in both 2018 and 2019. In four sessions per year, participants are guided through the circular procurement process interactively, and they discuss the various challenges involved in circular procurement.


Through sector-specific learning networks, PIANOo enables a new group of public organizations to gain knowledge and experience of climate-neutral and circular procurement. The learning networks complement the Green Deal Circular Procurement and the Circular Procurement Academy. The mix of experienced and less experienced participants ensures that they develop their knowledge and share knowledge with each other. Importantly, participants are inspired by practical examples, experiences and tips, giving them an action perspective to achieve their circular ambition.

The question

Organize, guide and support the Circular Office Furnishing Learning Network in four meetings. In the meetings, combine the input of your own knowledge with the exchange of knowledge and experience between participants. Motivate participants to engage actively in circular procurement.

Current situation and future

The goal of the Circular Office Furnishing Learning Network is to enable more governments to purchase their office furnishing in a circular manner. Knowledge development, knowledge exchange and the provision of tools that can be applied practically were important requirements for the content of the meetings. After the sessions, participants should also be able to find each other, so they can continue to share knowledge and experience.

The process

The four sessions of the learning network are designed to follow the sequence of a procurement process. The four sessions have the themes:

  1. Attitude & behavior
  2. Procurement process
  3. Awarding and contracting
  4. Cooperation between client and market

Participants were also offered consultation hours so they could have a 1-on-1 ‘sparring session’ about their procurement processes. Various aspects were discussed on the basis of our experience and participants’ practical examples.

The results

Thanks to the meetings, the participants have more knowledge about the circular procurement of office furnishings, which they can now apply in purchasing their own office furnishings in a circular manner. And through the learning network and the contacts they made during the four sessions, participants can continue to learn from the knowledge and experiences of others.

“Copper8 was the ideal party for this learning network: the consultants have extensive experience in organizing knowledge sessions and meetings, combined with solid substantive knowledge about and experience with circular procurement. Using a good mix of working methods, they know how to hold participants’ attention. Copper8 offered us consulting hours as an extra service, which is indicative of their business philosophy to create as many sustainability breakthroughs as possible.” Sara Rademaker Circular Procurement Advisor

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