Chef d’émission

What if… we could use the Olympic Games as a catalyst for sustainability? With this dream we started thinking about the synergy between sports and sustainability. Together with More2Win the concept ‘Chef de emission’ was coined – the counterpart of the Chef de Mission focusing on sustainability.


With two former athletes as co-founders the passion for sports is deeply embedded in Copper8’s DNA. Ths led us to questioning how evironmentally sustainable the Olympic Games really are? And how sustainable is our sports industry? Although the sports industry may not have the largest environmental footprint compared to the heavy industry or transportation, sports has one unique characteristic: its’ reach. Using sports we can positively engage people on sustainability, whilst simultaneously working on reducing the sector’s footprint.


By collaborating with More2Win the concept ‘Chef de Emission’ was born. Our big dream is that every NOC wil appoint their own chef d’émission – a former Olympian who will serve as an ambassador for sports and sustainability. The ‘green’ counterpart of the Chef de Mission who inspires sports fans to work towards a safe planet for us all. NOC*NSF will launch their first chef d’émission, Marcelien de Koning at the end of june 2021.



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