Circular tender for office furniture

The background

Working with Alliander, we designed a tender for furniture to fulfil the organization’s Circular Economy ambitions as far as possible.


In line with the circular redevelopment of its location in Duiven, Alliander wanted to shape its interior – for this and other locations – circularly. When the selection phase was complete, five suitable suppliers were chosen for the award phase. Copper8 was then asked to contribute to the further design of the tender and the contracting, in accordance with the principles of the circular economy.

The question

Think about the further design of the circular tender for office furniture and help with the circular contracting of the party.

Current situation and future

The principles of the Circular Economy had to be secured not only technically, but also process-based: it was not only about circular chairs, but also their circular use. In addition to circularity, the offer also had to meet the functional, aesthetic and financial requirements.

The process

Copper8 worked with the tender team to develop an award framework within which the candidates could make a circular offer. The contract was awarded on the basis of the most economically affordable application (Economisch Meest Voordelige Inschrijving, EMVI). Within this framework, 65% of the available points were awarded to the qualitative criteria with a focus on circularity.

The results

Contract negotiations were also held with Alliander and the final chosen contractor to secure circularity for the duration of the agreement. A return value model ensures that the contractor will take back the furniture at a fixed return value after a certain period of time. This assignment also formed the basis for the contractor to further develop its own circular business model.

“Copper8 really helped us and challenged us to secure circularity in our tendering process. Copper8 understood our needs and I found the cooperation to be a pleasant and constructive experience, in particular because of the clear and practical translation of our needs into a workable award framework.” Mark Hamstra Supplier manager work environment

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