Circular procurement of office furnishings

The background

The Municipality of Westerveld is preparing for the redesign of its town hall. The new interior was completed in October 2019, and circularity plays a central role: in extending the lifespan of the furniture, in the new furniture to be delivered and in the development of custom furnishings in the entrance hall. We coached the Municipality of Westerveld to include circularity in the tender; the result is that the costs were lower than the previously budgeted amount, partly as a result of the circular ambitions.


The Municipality of Westerveld was created in 1998 when several smaller municipalities merged. The new town hall was commissioned in 2009, including new office furnishings. Given the lifespan of the furniture, and because the wishes of its users have changed, there is a need for new furniture.

The question

Coach us to include circular principles in the tender for office furniture. Help us in setting up suitable ambitions, approaching the market and securing circular performance in the agreement with the winning party.

Current situation and future

The Municipality of Westerveld wants to get started with circular procurement but doesn’t yet have experience in this area. This tender has to show how circular principles can be reflected in a tender. The scope of the tender includes the supply, maintenance and return of furniture that is no longer required, for a period of ten years. In addition, budgets have been set for the tenderers for a floor and a ceiling.

The process

We started with an ambition session in which we identified the areas of attention for circularity; the tender was drawn up on the basis of this session. Considering the experience of this sector with circularity and the relatively short lead time, we put a public procedure in place, which started with a inspection and an oral information meeting. The contract was awarded on the basis of an assessment framework, which consisted of the degree of circularity of the offer (30%), an action plan for value retention (30%), an approach for customization (30%) and price (10%).

The results

The Municipality of Westerveld has selected Gispen as its supplier for a maximum of ten years, including two interim extensions for good performance. In the area of circularity, the decision was made to adapt about 100 existing desks, deliver new circular seating, convert cupboards into lockers and create custom furniture in the entrance hall, made exclusively of recycled material. Modifying the existing desks instead of buying new ones also resulted in a lower price. The new interior was completed in October 2019.

“Copper8 has given us an understanding and insight into circular procurement, creating enthusiasm for the subject in our project group. I am very satisfied with the combination of Copper8’s knowledge about the circular economy and procurement: this combination allows you to achieve profit and prevent mistakes. It was also good to get feedback and to take a closer look at the things we do a certain way because that’s the way they’re done.” Ida van Manen Procurement Advisor

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