University Medical Center Utrecht

Circular procurement of furniture

The background

In 2016, Copper8 supported the University Medical Center (Universitair Medisch Centrum) Utrecht (UMCU) with the circular procurement of their furniture.


The UMCU has high ambitions in circularity, so they decided to take a circular approach to buying their new furniture and the optimizing the use of their existing furniture. We supported the UMCU in shaping and executing the procurement procedure – from preparation to the award phase.

The question

Support us in our ‘Circular Procurement’ by inspiring and challenging us on the subject of circularity. Help us shape the procurement process and all related activities. Take a leading role in the dialogue phase, in which parties must connect around the desired end result.

Current situation and future

Our support had to fit the timeline of the project. The procedure had already been determined when we got involved, so we had the task of bringing circularity into it. The scope of the assignment was the procurement of new furniture and the optimal use and reuse of existing furniture.

The process

We supported the UMCU in the tender process, from preparation to the award phase. Through interactive sessions on circularity, we inspired the UMCU and helped them make decisions on a number of issues. We supported UMCU in choosing the procedure and developing the tender documents, and we supervised the evaluation of the applications in the selection and award phase. Between these phases we acted as a facilitator.

The results

Our work resulted in the selection of the right supplier of circular furniture – a company that also manages the maintenance and ensures the optimal reuse of the existing furniture. Through the dialogue sessions, we developed an in-depth and mathematically creative solution for the objective measurement of circularity. This was a big challenge, as the different providers used their own circularity definitions and measurement methodologies.

“The added value of Copper8 is the ability to help strengthen our ambitious vision and objectives regarding the closure of the commodity cycle, translating them into concrete and useful criteria and assessment methods in a complex procurement process. The professional way in which Cécile guided the dialogue sessions has contributed to the open and constructive attitude of the participants – it provided mutual understanding and support for the choices made.” Michiel Plancken Senior procurement manager

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