Circular Office Design Strategy

The background

The government-wide procurement category ‘office furnishings’ has the ambition to become a circular category. In 2016, an ambitious government-wide vision was formulated: Toward a circular office furnishings category. In 2020, three years after guiding the first circular tender, Copper8 supported the retrieval of lessons learned in recent years. This has resulted in a sharpened vision and strategic choices for future tenders.



In 2017, the first framework agreements were made on the basis of the circular ambition, for about 100,000 workplaces in total. Priority is given to extending the life of existing furniture. However, in practice, it seems this is often more difficult than expected. This is in part because the national government’s work processes and the market parties’ revenue models are not yet equipped for circularity. Other aspects also need to be sharpened, such as the further development of the degree to which new furniture is circular.

The question

Support us in sharpening the circular vision, which takes into account the experiences and insights of recent years and important developments from the market. Then translate it into a strategy for future tenders, which safeguard the circular principles as much as possible.

Current situation and future

Collaboration is one of the crucial success factors for realizing the circular ambition. Collecting insights and needs from market parties and the internal organization is therefore an important part of the assignment.

The process

Together with the category, we started an extensive series of interviews with market parties. We spoke to experts on circularity from seven parties about the most recent developments and the next steps they believe are needed within the sector. Then in two workshops, buyers and other parties involved from the internal organization were taken through market developments, and with them, we determined points of attention for future tenders.

The results

This approach resulted in a sharpened vision for circular furniture, which has created more space for procuring furniture that has already been used by external parties. In addition, strategic choices were made together with the category for future tenders.

“The collaboration with Copper8 feels familiar, just like working with your own colleagues. It has therefore become our vision, with which we will achieve even better circular results within the office furnishings category.” Tamara van Vastenhoven Category Manager Office Furnishing

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