The Circular Road

The background

In a collaboration agreement, the Province of Overijssel and Dura Vermeer have agreed to develop a road-as-a-service model together, which will be examined to determine whether the as-a-service model is a means to realize circular ambitions. The N739 (Hengelo – Haaksbergen) is a first pilot for the model. Copper8 is supporting the project team in developing the model and guaranteeing its sustainability performance.


Various government bodies, market parties and knowledge institutions are working together on infrastructure-as-a-service within the program The Circular Road (De Circulaire Weg in Dutch). Knowledge is contributed by and collected from various municipalities and provinces. The N739 is one of the pilots, with an emphasis on road surfacing; other pilots include lighting (Province of North Brabant) and roadside maintenance (Province of North Holland).

The question

Support us in developing the infrastructure-as-a-service model, including in drafting the functional specification (phase 2) and elaborating the actual planning (phase 3). Share your thoughts on the development, from your position of expertise in sustainability and the circular economy.

Current situation and future

Trust and good cooperation between the Province of Overijssel and Dura Vermeer are important conditions for the pilot to be successful. It is therefore essential to have a clear division of roles and responsibilities when setting up the new collaboration model. On this basis, a financial model, which will be part of the as-a-service model, can also be determined.

The process

In order to develop specifications and elaborate the plan, the whole project team met in fortnightly work sessions. In addition, small groups met in various work sessions to develop a model for achieving circular performance, among other things. The Province of Overijssel and Dura Vermeer were responsible for the project management of the team.

The results

Project implementation is expected to start at the end of 2021. It will feature an innovative revenue model, in which Dura Vermeer receives a periodic payment for keeping the road available. It includes a bonus-malus model for both the level of availability of the road and the environmental costs realized during work. In the coming years, this should lead to insight into the question of whether the as-a-service model can form the basis of a new way of working together in the civil engineering sector.

“On the basis of enthusiasm and knowledge, Copper8 makes a great contribution to taking well-founded steps in fostering sustainability.” Erik Wiltink Project Manager

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