The background

Gener8 develops fully circular solar panels. In addition to the technical challenge of the solar panel, we have also developed a business model that contributes to a fully circular solar system.


Other solar panels are produced in a way that makes the reuse of materials or components almost impossible, which means many raw materials are lost. The amount of solar energy generated has grown exponentially in recent years; while this is something we are of course happy about, there is a downside. In a few years, we will dismantle and process a large number of solar panels, resulting in a huge mountain of waste with no clear solution.

The approach

Our approach is a new form of intensive collaboration. It’s not a new technical solution, but a collaboration between partners in the value chain: a new ‘system’. We believe we have found a way to organize all the interests of the parties involved so that all costs – but most importantly all benefits – can be evenly distributed. With this vision, we have connected several partners over the past two years. ECN, the Port of Rotterdam, WEELEC, Exasun and Urban Mining Corp. were keen to see if we could create this system together.

Current situation and future

On paper, we had the dream solution for our circular panels. Unfortunately, we were not awarded the grant we requested. We are currently working hard to raise funding to develop a prototype. We want to use the prototype to demonstrate that this development is relevant – and technically possible. Our model can’t exist without a product, and our product will not be developed without our model having a sense of relevance. But we still believe we will succeed!

More information

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