Socially responsible procurement policy

The background

As a network operator, Enexis wants to take responsibility for its role in the transition to a sustainable society. From a social perspective, Enexis demonstrates leadership in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The next step for Enexis is to develop its own policy on socially responsible procurement (maatschappelijk verantwoord inkopen, MVI, in Dutch). Copper8 supported Enexis in drafting this policy, in which three central themes came to the fore: environmental, material and human.


Enexis is one of the four major Dutch network operators. In its new strategy, Enexis has indicated that it wants to embed sustainability in all its activities. In order to fulfil its main objectives, Enexis buys many products and materials, so to reduce its impact, Enexis wants to work proactively with socially responsible procurement (maatschappelijk verantwoord inkopen, MVI, in Dutch). An MVI policy is an important first step in achieving this.

The question

Support us in formulating our MVI policy, to be designed in collaboration with the relevant organizational units.

Current situation and future

The MVI policy must provide guidance on how social responsibility features in the procurement of all Enexis products and services. The drafting of this policy had to be done with power, in a short timeframe. In addition, the intention was to have all those involved in developing the policy become its ambassadors through the process.

The process

We supervised three work sessions for Enexis. First was a work session about the scope of the project: at what level of detail should the MVI policy provide guidance? Second was a work session on the themes: which themes should the MVI policy focus on, and what are the categories within those themes? Finally, we held a work session about the follow-up: what do the substantive ambitions become, and how do we get started with the policy? These work sessions involved not only the purchasing department, but also people from the Infra, Asset Management, ICT and facility management departments.

The results

Enexis established an MVI policy based on three themes: environmental, material and human. Within these themes, there is focus on different categories, such as harmful substances (environment), circularity (material) and sustainable employability (human). The three content themes are supported by a number of pillars, including room for innovation, a fair value chain and integrity.

“The MVI policy helps us approach the market in a different way. In our social role, we act as an example in sustainability. The MVI policy is therefore developed from the idea that to improve the world, you must start with yourself.” Anita den Hoed Senior Advisor Procurement

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