Measuring circularity at Alliander

The background

The regional grid operator Alliander has the ambition to purchase at least 40% of its portfolio circularly by 2020. We developed the ‘Circulaire Bedrijfsvoering’ (Circular Business Management) dashboard, which enables Alliander to map its transition to circularity and report it reliably.


Alliander is working towards circular business management. This transition requires a different way of working and measuring. The focus will be shifted from CO2 reduction to factors such as renewable energy and the responsible origin and reusability of raw materials.

The question

Alliander wanted to understand what the circular economy means for their organization. The specific question they asked us was: ‘How can we produce a clear picture of our performance in the circular economy, and report and adjust this accurately?’

Current situation and future

Alliander first wanted an insight into the impact transitioning to a circular economy would have on their organization. Following that, a tool had to be developed that could help Alliander determine their current performance in the field of circularity. Using their current performance as a basis, this tool also had to be used to determine how Alliander could develop further.

The process

We started by analysing the effects of the concept of ‘the circular economy’ on the organization and business management. We then developed a method together that charted the flow of raw materials in a simple way. This gave us an insight into the status of Alliander’s circularity and its development towards circular business management. Measuring circular performance involved the combination of two important factors: good data collection and analysis, and the practical feasibility of the measuring itself. A large part of the process was therefore aimed at creating collaborations between all the departments and individuals involved.

The results

Alliander now has an insight into the flow of raw materials and how they score on circularity. The tool has been developed into a ‘Circulaire Bedrijfsvoering’ (Circular Business Management) dashboard, which measures the circular performance of projects within Alliander quarterly. This is how Alliander focuses effectively on the transition to a circular business.

Understanding the flow of raw materials is essential to steering our ambition to become a circular network operator. This insight helps us in our conversations with our suppliers, with whom we work together to reduce the claim we make on this earth for raw materials. Dominique Hermans Advisor CSR

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