MRA Expertpool and Director Circular Procurement

The background

The 35 authorities within the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA) share the ambition to work toward 100% circular procurement by 2030, and they have the support of the MRA office. In 2020, Copper8 will give shape to the Circular Procurement Expert Pool, through which the authorities are supported in terms of content. Copper8 will also fulfilled the role of Director Circular Procurement for eight months.


During the MRA Sustainability Summit in 2018, all 35 MRA authorities signed the Declaration of Intent for Circular Procurement. The authorities are working toward making all their procurement – totaling about €4 billion – climate neutral and circular. The authorities will develop the first procurement packages in 2020, on the basis of the Circular Procurement and Commissioning Roadmap, which was established in 2019.

The question

Support us in the field of circular procurement both by providing substantive support for the MRA authorities and by coordinating the various activities within the MRA. Among other things, this involves answering substantive questions, supervising working group and peer meetings, and co-creating guidelines with basic principles.

Current situation and future

Collaboration between the MRA authorities is one of the crucial success factors for taking steps toward circular procurement. Stimulating the development of joint ambition, mutual learning, and joint tendering, wherever possible, are therefore important parts of the process. In addition, it is important that the authorities can work independently, with the support Copper8 provides.

The process

To work toward a higher level of knowledge and joint ambitions, we organized plenary working group meetings, meetings about specific purchasing packages, and intervision meetings. We also guided a number of MRA authorities in individual sessions. Finally, we provided support for various circular tenders, including for traffic signs, workwear and furniture.

The results

This support led to a higher level of knowledge about circular procurement among the 35 MRA authorities. In collaboration with those involved, we delivered various guidelines (only available in Dutch). We are also building external partnerships, including with PIANOo and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Finally, we are strengthening the network of participants within the MRA authorities, so those involved can find each other faster to share knowledge and experience.

“Copper8 has kept us on our toes, brought knowledge and energy, and delivered good results – all this in the complex environment of a partnership of 35 authorities in the MRA region.” Yolanda Musson MRA Circular Economy Program Manager

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