Socially Responsible Procurement Strategy

The background

As a large public organization, UWV (the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency) takes responsibility for its role in the field of Socially Responsible Procurement. We were asked to take on the ‘circular economy’ part of the strategy, which we drew up in two sessions with a group of stakeholders. The strategy featured a measurement method to determine the extent to which procurement is carried out circularly.


An increasing number of public organizations want to get started with socially responsible or circular procurement. In doing so, they want to contribute to the realization of social goals and take responsibility for their role in the public sector. With more than 18,000 employees, the UWV is a large client in the facility domain.

The question

Support us in drawing up the ‘circular economy’ part of our Socially Responsible Procurement (SRP) strategy. In addition, provide insight into which product groups we can best fit the circular ambitions to, in order to make an impact in the short term.

Current situation and future

The creation of ownership was an important part of the process – ownership both within the procurement department and at management level.

The process

We organized two sessions in which we developed the circular part of the SRP strategy together. In the first session, we delved into the background of the circular economy and worked together to formulate circular procurement objectives. In the second session, we delved deeper into the measurement method to determine the degree of circular procurement. We then completed various documents.

The results

The UWV has a Socially Responsible Procurement Strategy, with the sections ‘Climate Neutral’, ‘Circular Economy’, ‘Social Return’ and ‘International Social Conditions’. For each section, objectives were formulated for the period 2019-2023 and the most relevant ambitions for each product group were clarified on the basis of procurement calendar.

“Copper8 has really helped us in shaping circularity within UWV and taking the first step towards achieving our 2030 target. Sybren and Cécile are very strong content-wise, they are analytical, creative and they involved us well in the process. They get involved, they act quickly, and they are realistic and ambitious in their proposals.” Vereleyn Wondergem Advisor Head of Procurement

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