Municipality of Emmen

MVI Strategy

The background

The Municipality of Emmen wants to work with socially responsible procurement (Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Inkopen (MVI) in Dutch), and a circular economy is an important part of this. They needed a strategy that would help them take their procurement in the right direction. We supported them in drafting this strategy and in elaborating the first steps for three procurement pilots.


The municipality of Emmen is in the top 10 largest municipalities in the Netherlands, and with its many manufacturing companies, ‘chemical cluster’ and innovative companies, it is the most important industrial center in the north of the country. A lot is happening in the field of innovation, especially in the biobased economy and green chemistry. Through its procurement, the municipality wants to act more as a launching customer and contribute more actively to the realization of a circular economy.

The question

Support us in setting up a strategy for socially responsible procurement and help us to make our circular ambitions tangible for a few procurement pilots.

Current situation and future

Support within the Municipality of Emmen’s internal organization was an important precondition for success. Policy advisors, project managers and buyers needed to become the owners of the strategy, in order to ensure it could actually be implemented. The assignment also involved supporting them in gaining basic knowledge about the circular economy.

The process

We developed the MVI strategy in a series of three meetings. In the first meeting, we discussed the background of the circular economy, and through storytelling we identified important themes and core values. In the second meeting, we further defined the themes and core values. In the third meeting, we focused on the three procurement pilots, elaborating their ambition, research questions and required collaboration.

The results

The Municipality of Emmen’s MVI strategy sets out high ambitions in the themes Circular, Energy and Social. In addition, it presents four important core values: connect, space, decisiveness and realism. As part of this strategy, three procurement pilots have been developed: verge mowing, disassembling Aquarena (the old swimming pool) and widening the Boermarkeweg.

“Copper8 guided us in an inspiring and enthusiastic way in drafting a strategy for socially responsible procurement, in which the use of a circular economy plays an important role. Copper8’s consultants are very knowledgeable, they execute the assignment with careful coordination and preparation with the client, and they respond adequately to feedback.” Harriët Hof Account Manager Economy

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