The background

Olympact is a foundation dedicated to the preservation of the Olympic Games.


We started the foundation on the belief that the principles of the Circular Economy must be given an inspiring and global stage, and the Olympic Games are ideally suited. At the same time, the Olympic Games also require renewed social legitimacy: cities are increasingly withdrawing from bids due to public and political pressure, and large sports organizations and federations are under enormous pressure due to bribery and doping scandals. Connecting the principles of the Circular Economy to the Olympic Games creates a potentially powerful reciprocal relationship.

The approach

Within the foundation we mainly focus on stadiums, simply because they are the most visible legacy of the Olympics. We undertake three distinct types of activity:

  • Creating awareness. We raise awareness of the reality today, but also the potential for the future.
  • Influencing policy. We aim to help the IOC and host cities to develop a better, more sustainable policy.
  • Inspiring action. We want to ensure that there are visible and inspirational examples of circular thinking.


Current situation and future

Within the foundation, efforts are being made with limited resources to create the greatest possible impact. A number of visible activities have already been carried out, including:

  • Awareness: encouraging children to think about the future of the empty Olympic stadiums. This was presented during Urban Sports Week in Amsterdam (2017). We also give lectures regularly.
  • Policy: consideration was given to the sustainability and sustainable procurement policy for Tokyo2020.
  • Action: we have been to Tokyo twice so far to investigate the possibilities for the sustainability of Tokyo2020. The opportunities are limited, but we are working on a few small initiatives that we will be able to share soon.

More information

For more information, check the website of Olympact.

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