Industrial and Conceptual Housing Program

The background

The Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations faces the task of accelerating housing construction and making it more sustainable. A more conceptual proposal and a more industrial approach to producing homes can help them with this task; Copper8 is supporting the Ministry in setting up a program to upscale industrial and conceptual housing.


The housing market in the Netherlands is under pressure, putting the focus on building more and faster. At the same time, to realize construction within the sustainability targets that have been set, housing construction must also become significantly more sustainable. In order to tackle both the acceleration and sustainability of housing, four ministries and more than 100 other parties have united in the Circular and Conceptual Building City Deal. This program is being developed under the banner of the City Deal.

The question

Support us in developing the Industrial and Conceptual Building Program. Make an inventory of the changes that are necessary and the actions they require, from both the government and other parties in the construction sector.

Current situation and future

The program is one of the starting points for the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer in Dutch) debate on housing. Broad support for the program is therefore an important requirement, and in order to create it, we are working closely with Aedes (the umbrella organization of housing associations) and the Network Conceptual Building, among others.

The process

To develop the program, we first conducted a series of interviews to identify the most important opportunities of and barriers to industrial and conceptual construction. We then worked with Alba Concepts to assess various concept homes, including on their sustainability performance. Finally, we organized validation sessions with concept developers, housing associations and governments to validate the conclusions and recommendations.

The results

In June 2021, the Conceptual Construction and Industrial Production Program (PDF in Dutch) went to the House of Representatives. On the basis of their discussion, follow-up actions will be initiated and taken up from the City Deal Circular and Conceptual Building, in collaboration with partners such as Aedes and the NCB.

“Establishing high-quality requirements, while also delivering high-quality work themselves, has ensured that we can take the next step towards accelerating industrial and conceptual construction with this program.” Michelle van Dijk Residential Building Management

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