In-house training on Circular Procurement

The background

As an energy grid operator, Enexis wants to take responsibility for its role in the transition to a sustainable society. Enexis demonstrates leadership in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR), and the organization also aims to take this societal role seriously in its purchasing department. Copper8 developed a Circular Procurement training course for the department to support this aim.


Enexis is one of the four major Dutch energy network operators that provide energy at the regional level. In its new strategy, Enexis has indicated that it wants to set an example in sustainability. In carrying out its primary task, the company buys many products and materials, and in order to reduce its impact, Enexis wants to work proactively with socially responsible procurement (Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Inkopen, or MVI, in Dutch). Enexis holds an annual procurement day, and in 2016 their wish was to bring the theme ‘circular procurement’ to the attention of the buyers in an interactive way.

The question

Support the content-related organization of the procurement day by setting up and executing an interactive program that gives the attendees an introduction to sustainability and circularity, and inspires action, resulting in the participants doing what they’ve learned.

Current situation and future

The Circular Procurement training course was intended to inspire the purchasing department and highlight the powerful role that buyers have in accelerating the circular economy. The concept of ‘circular procurement’ was made concrete through practical case studies of network operators.

The process

The training consisted of three blocks: (1) an inspiration section, in which the participants were introduced to the background of the circular economy; (2) a game element, in which the participants experienced what it takes to work in the circular economy; and (3) a case study section, in which they went through a number of circular procurement cases.

The results

The training contributed to sustainability really ‘coming to life’ with the buyers, and it was therefore a good prelude to successfully embedding the MVI policy in Enexis’s procurement strategy. This is now complete, and 100% of the new tenders are being executed in accordance with the policy.

“Copper8 has played an important and inspiring role, in which their solid level of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm made the biggest impression.” Michel Wauters Process Development Manager

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