QO Amsterdam

Hotel of the future

The background

Copper8 helped QO Amsterdam raise its sustainability plans to a higher level. The hotel is the first LEED Platinum certified hotel in Europe. QO Amsterdam is open now and is located near the Amstel Station in Amsterdam.


The hotel owner and the parties realizing the construction were highly motivated to further develop sustainability and circularity and, more importantly, to apply this to QO Amsterdam. Working with the architect, installation consultant, contractor and the sister companies involved, we developed an integral view of sustainability and the concrete innovations that will be applied to the hotel.

The question

Help us make QO Amsterdam even more distinctive and sustainable through a number of specific and impactful projects. Connect all parties involved around this request and ensure that sustainable innovations are guaranteed in both design and implementation.

Current situation and future

The most important requirement was that QO Amsterdam has to be the first LEED Platinum certified hotel in Europe. Beyond that, the parties were challenged to go further in terms of sustainability and circularity. Innovations had to be applied to the building, the layout, the integrated management and the maintenance contracts.

The process

Initially, Copper8 focused on the construction of the hotel. They also made sure they invested in the management and maintenance contract with the parties involved in the implementation, with the goal of implementing sustainable optimizations for the long-term. We then focused on the décor and furniture, and on the operations side of the hotel. We also shared our thoughts on the procurement of the right circular products, such as flooring, lighting and furniture.

The results

The hotel is open now and has been named the Peoples Choice Winner for the FRAME Sustainability Award 2019. The circular construction site is one example of the ways in which sustainability is being developed. They are making use of prefabricated products and also reusing concrete from the Overhoeks Tower, located at the IJ in Amsterdam.

“Taking a holistic view from the client’s perspective, it was quickly clear that if you only approach the traditional parties, the innovative process fails without guidance from a party like Copper8. That’s why Copper8 was the link between the client and the constructor from the beginning of the process, as an independent party to steer the interests of the project.” Xander Bueno de Mesquita Initiator

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