Dura Vermeer

Circular Economy Strategy

The background

Dura Vermeer is one of the largest contractors in the Netherlands. The organization wants to take action in the area of climate and the circular economy, so Dura Vermeer Infra’s various subsidiaries have included targets in their plans for 2019. Together with Metabolic, we analyzed the current flows of raw materials within Dura Vermeer, and guided the organization in formulating its objectives for 2019.


Construction and the civil engineering industry are changing: clients increasingly want to work within the circular economy. The major contractors in the Netherlands, including Dura Vermeer, want to move in this direction, both to remain distinctive in the market and to reduce their own environmental impact.

The question

Support us in formulating climate and circular economy objectives for the various subsidiaries, with these objectives leading to impact in the physical environment.

Current situation and future

Dura Vermeer’s seven subsidiaries operate relatively independently within the larger company, and each subsidiary has its own annual plan. It is therefore important for the various subsidiaries to work on the goals themselves: it’s crucial that they have ownership of the objectives.

The process

We carried out this assignment together with Metabolic. Working on the basis of Metabolic’s analysis of the raw material flows within the organization, we held a work session for each subsidiary. During those sessions, we inspired participants by taking them through the opportunities a circular economy brings, and we worked out what is tangibly possible for each company. Based on these sessions, the subsidiaries started formulating their objectives independently.

The results

The seven companies’ annual plans now include objectives in the areas of climate and the circular economy. These plans will be implemented in 2019, and new, more ambitious targets can be set for 2020. We also provided potential targets up to and including 2022 for Dura Vermeer as a whole.

“Copper8 and Metabolic have helped us tremendously in gaining insight into our current impacts and given us the first step towards what we can do about those impacts as a company. Each department now has clarity on their responsibility and how they can contribute to our overall ambitions.” Karlijn Mol Sustainability Manager

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