Municipality of Harderwijk

Circular Economy Strategy

The background

The municipality of Harderwijk wants to work concretely on circularity. To do this, they want to gain insight into the existing raw material flows and the knowledge and ambition within the municipality. On that basis, what would be achievable objectives for the municipality? And how could they be made concrete? Working with our partner Metabolic, we supported the municipality in answering these questions as concretely as possible.


The municipality of Harderwijk has high ambitions when it comes to sustainability and has established a sustainability vision based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Next to energy, climate adaptation and biodiversity, the circular economy is the most important theme within this vision.

The question

Support us in establishing a circularity policy within the municipality of Harderwijk. Begin by taking a qualitative and quantitative baseline measurement in order to then formulate a vision and objectives for ‘Circular Harderwijk’, and translate these into concrete interventions.

Current situation and future

The advisory report must provide concrete guidelines to enable the municipality of Harderwijk to get started actively on circularity. The objectives and interventions that are set up must be realistic and have enough support within the municipality.

The process

Metabolic first carried out a baseline measurement, by providing insight into the dominant raw material flows. Through interviews with employees and the business community, qualitative insights were obtained. Together, these insights led to concrete objectives being set for Harderwijk’s internal organization, the business community and residents. A Roadmap for Circular Harderwijk also sets out concrete interventions to achieve these objectives.

The results

The process led to an advisory report, in which various lines of vision are expanded in a roadmap for the organization itself, residents and the business community within the municipality of Harderwijk. The report contains concrete interventions for each line of vision, which the municipality can apply to realize its ambition.

“The cooperation with Copper8 and Metabolic was a very positive experience. The result is comprehensive advice that will provide us with a substantiated basis for circular policy in Harderwijk. Copper8 and Metabolic had a clear vision of how they wanted to approach our request. They guided us through the different phases of the process, and there was room for discussion, flexibility and adjustment. The collaboration with Copper8 and Metabolic was very enjoyable – we were in frequent contact, and they were regular guests in Harderwijk. Thank you, Hendrik, Cécile, Eline, Nico and Lotje, for your enthusiasm and expertise. We look forward to taking the next steps toward a Circular Harderwijk.” Annelein Ouwerkerk Circular Economy Consultant

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