JP van Eesteren

Circular economy strategy

The background

Copper8 helped Dutch entrepreneur J.P. van Eesteren develop their sustainability strategy.


The larger Dutch contractors do not differentiate themselves much in terms of sustainability: they are all active in energy conservation, responsible waste management, social aspects of sustainability and water conservation. J.P. van Eesteren wanted to position itself better within this playing field, based on its own sustainability philosophy.

The question

Help us develop our sustainability strategy.

Current situation and future

The strategy had to be able to be supported by the organization. The sustainability strategy therefore could not become socially desirable, but rather fit with J.P. van Eesteren’s existing philosophy. In addition, they also wanted guidance for implementing the strategy. The ultimate goal was to undertake concrete projects that positively affect J.P. van Eesteren’s sustainability performance.

The process

The starting point for the process was collaboration. Together with J.P. van Eesteren’s ‘green team’, we defined sustainability at a highly abstract level. We then searched together for concrete examples of this in the construction industry. The focus turned out to be on the ‘circular economy’, which resembled the corporate strategy ‘Gebouwen Slimmer Maken’ (Making Buildings Smarter). Based on this, we presented a theoretical framework, and the ‘green team’ identified opportunities within their own projects. Together we prioritised the opportunities and the team is currently writing concrete plans.

The results

The sustainability strategy has been presented to the Board of Directors and has also been made concrete through a number of plans involving the most promising product groups. In addition to the strategy, we provided the J.P. van Eesteren team with knowledge of circular economics, and the tools to apply these principles in their projects.

"We want to achieve sustainable solutions sustainably. Working with colleagues and Copper8, we have elaborated our sustainability vision into a concrete plan, which we have implemented." Marco Peppel Director

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