Thursday 1 October: 600Minutes Facility Management

op 10 september 2015

On Thursday 1 October the 600Minutes Facility Management event takes place. At this event, Copper8 will give a lecture together with Gispen on the Circular Economy.

During the 2015 event the main topics will be:

On behalf of Copper8, Cécile van Oppen will take the attendees briefly through the theory behind the Circular Economy, after which she will outline the developments in various countries and sectors. From these developments it will be clear why this theme should be on facility managers’ radars. After her introduction, Karin Verploegen of Gispen will translate this into practice: the implications of circular thinking in project environments, and what it means for Gispen as an organization.

Copper8 and Gispen have worked closely together in the past on this topic. In 2014 Gispen won the tender that Copper8 led for Alliander, in which circular thinking was applied to the purchase of furniture. At the beginning of 2015 Copper8 renovated and decorated its own office in accordance with the principles of the Circular Economy; Gispen was once again the winner of the tendering process.

More information (in Dutch) about the meeting can be found here.

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