Thursday April 23rd: Opening New Copper8 Office

op 17 april 2015

On April 23rd, Copper8 will open her new office on the 8th floor of the 100 Watt building in Amsterdam. Copper8 has extended her vision and identity in all aspects of the office. The agreement with the landlord (Cocon) is to pay for the value Copper8 receives, and as such Copper8 will pay per employee rather than per square meter. The identity also extends to the interior of the office, where the architects (O+A) made their design for the floor based upon demolition waste coming from other buildings of the same landlord. InterfaceFlor is the supplier of the carpeting which is made from discarded fishing nets; and finally the ‘experienced’ furniture is offered by Gispen on a pay-per-use basis.

Would you like to be present at the opening drinks, and have you not yet received an invitation, please email us at

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