Tuesday 15 December: Inspiration Session on Circular Procurement

op 10 december 2015

On Tuesday 15 December Copper8 will organize an inspiration session on the theme ‘Circular Procurement’. The purpose of the session is to assess Copper8’s expertise on this subject with clients and contractors who have similar experience, and ultimately to make their lessons available in a book on the topic. With this publication, Copper8 aims to kick the topic into gear.

Purchasers play a key role when it comes to the ‘Circular Economy’: after all, they are responsible for not only the contracts that cover the purchase of goods and services, but also the contracts that deal with waste disposal. There is a tendency to set circular targets in technical terms; however, experience shows that the relationship between client and contractor is often a success factor in successful projects in the ‘Circular Economy’ and ‘Circular Procurement’. With an idealism to bring others on board and a process-oriented approach, Copper8 advisers Dirk Bijl de Vroe, Godard Croon and Cécile van Oppen have decided to write a book on this very subject.

During the inspiration session we will consider:

Clients, contractors and experts in the field of ‘Circular Procurement’ will be present at the session, including: MVO Netherlands, RVO, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht Province, Stedin, PIANOo and Gispen. If you are interested in this session, please let us know at info@copper8.com.

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