Tuesday 29 September: Lecture Wageningen University

op 06 september 2015

On Tuesday 29 September the Honors program of the University of Wageningen is organizing a ‘climate night’, on which they will show a group of ambitious undergraduates the importance of sustainability. The climate evening is the second in a series of evenings where the complexity of the climate problem is approached from three different perspectives: science, policy and practice. Cécile van Oppen will be speaking on the second climate night (Lecture WUR) about how Copper8 brings into practice complex partnerships for sustainability in several pioneering projects.

The systemic nature of sustainability is an important scientific basis for the projects carried out by Copper8: everything is connected to everything. Precisely for this reason, we also argue that collaboration is important in order to achieve sustainable breakthroughs. That’s easy to say, but how do you put this into practice? In the guest lecture Cécile will take the students through the importance of asking the right questions, the stakeholder analysis and value mapping, ultimately shaping a process that does justice to all stakeholders. She will do this through a number of notable examples, such as the recently opened Liander premises in Duiven and a case study in the Circular Economy area.


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