Wednesday February 11th: Workshop Measuring Social Value in Nepal

op 17 februari 2015

On 11 February , Dirk Bijl de Vroe hosted a workshop in Kathmandu, where Nepalese entrepreneurs were challenged to think about their social impact. Why would you want to have social impact? Why do you measure social value? And more importantly how? Participants worked in break-out sessions to measure their impact.

The workshop took place with the Fair Meter case study as a framework. The Fair Meter project focuses on developing a smart electricity meter that must be produced, used and reused as ‘fairly’ as possible. Part of this project included a Resources Identification Tool that charts the composition and raw materials of the meter. Nepalese entrepreneurs who attended the workshop work, for example, on biological fertilizer, clean drinking water, transparent trading-exchange software, engineering software for construction projects and the use of bamboo as a tool for regional development, sustainable construction and employment.

Copper8 was invited by Rockstart Impact Nepal, a program that guides Nepalese entrepreneurs for 100 days to make an investment bid to (social impact) investors. Rockstart works in close collaboration with the organization One to Watch. They connect Dutch investors to promising projects in Nepal. Social impacts are also an important starting point for One to Watch.

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