We wholeheartedly believe in collaboration.

And we show that it can be done differently – better – for us all.

Our approach and values

You can only achieve a sustainable breakthrough if you understand and converge the interests of all those involved. Collaboration between partners in the value chain is therefore essential.

We initiate and facilitate these connections. We also guide organisations in setting up and safeguarding new forms of collaboration.

Our strength lies in achieving challenging sustainable and circular results within existing financial frameworks. By linking the soft elements to the content and financial goals, our projects are taken to the boardroom. And that’s where we make the difference.



We work hard on a better world every day, because that is what drives us all. This authenticity is essential and a prerequisite for the projects we take on.



For us it’s about a better world, so we strongly feel the joint responsibility for achieving the right result – with and for our customers.



A better world starts with asking a better question. After that, we look for the best solution. This way, working with our clients we can achieve the most with the project.



Our approach is creative and professional. We rethink the structures in which we work, collaborate and calculate. We do so within the boundaries of our project, yet always push the boundaries of what is possible.



Collaborating on the basis of trust is essential in a circular economy. That is why our business model is based on trust rather than fear.

We make a real impact

Our mission is to make a sustainable impact in the manufacturing and construction industry We measure our success in terms of the impact we have achieved rather than in terms of sales and people. We measure the impact in two ways: our impact within a project and the impact of the project itself. Our impact meter gives us these insights.


Our clients determine our impact within a project. They score us on technical content, process and financial results. Our projects reflect our philosophy.


175.6 /500 impactpunten


The ripple effect is the impact of our project on a company, sector or society. By setting up model projects, we want to start a movement that goes beyond the project itself: the ripple effect. Of course, this effect is difficult to quantify. For the time being, it requires us to make a quantified but subjective evaluation of ourselves. In the long run, we want to make this effect more objectively measurable.

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