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We initiate, guide and ensure cross-border collaboration, and stimulate innovation.

Sustainability and circularity strategy development

The dynamics in which organisations operate are often complex, and the consequences of developments can’t always be overseen. That’s why Copper8 helps organisations develop their sustainability and circular economy strategy.
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Circular purchasing and procurement

Procurement is a powerful tool for developing sustainability and circularity. One of our areas of expertise is therefore guiding procurement that enables the achievement of big ambitions.
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Circular revenue models

The creation of a circular economy calls for teamwork, working across technical content development, the right collaboration and the right financial incentives. In a circular system, these factors come together in a revenue model; we develop these in collaboration with our clients.
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Circular procurement training

Our training is based on our practical experience combined with research. The circular procurement program teaches participants how to purchase circular products and services. The training is developed specifically for each client.
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Circular construction

Copper8 likes to support construction projects with high ambitions. We do this using our content-related knowledge and our systems approach. We organise collaborations between all the parties needed to fulfil the project’s ambitions.
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