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Our team

We are Copper8, and we make the circular economy a reality, by advising, investigating and doing. We share an intrinsic motivation to improve the world – a motivation that connects and drives us.

How can we start the transition to a circular economy together? That is the question that underpins our work.

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Hendrik de Vries Senior consultant
btn Stefan Hoge
Stefan Favrin Consultant
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Jeroen van Muiswinkel Senior consultant
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Floris van Haagen Consultant
btn Jeroen Verberne
Jeroen Verberne Consultant
btn Sybren Bosch
Sybren Bosch Senior consultant
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Ilse Klaasse Bos Happiness manager
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Cécile van Oppen Co-Founder
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Godard Croon Senior consultant
btn Marijn Polet
Marijn Polet Consultant
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Eline van Terwisga Consultant
btn Noor Huitema
Noor Huitema Co-Founder
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Rose Wobben Office Assistant


Looking for a new challenge? We are always open to meet talented and motivated people! Please note that Dutch proficiency is a prerequisite for a consulting position. If you’re interested please send an email to info@copper8.com.

Our network

Wij geloven in samenwerken. Daarom proberen we, als de behoefte bestaat, partijen uit ons netwerk in een project aan te haken. Zo voegen we samen maximale waarde toe aan het duurzame eindresultaat.

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