Municipality of Amsterdam

Redevelopment of Vondeltuin

The background

The Municipality of Amsterdam is supporting the redevelopment of the Vondeltuin – a restaurant in Vondelpark – which should reopen in early 2020. Ambitions are high: the restaurant should be an architectural icon and a circular building, and there should be good cooperation between everyone involved. Copper8 is supervising the tendering of the Vondeltuin redevelopment, from forming objectives to selecting parties.


The old Vondeltuin burned down a few years ago, and the restaurant is currently using a temporary building. The Municipality of Amsterdam wants to develop a new, permanent catering facility. It needs to be a recognizable spot in Vondelpark, providing unique added value to the park, which is a national monument. Above all, it has to be a place that people like to visit.

The question

Support us in tendering for the design, realization and long-term maintenance of the Vondeltuin, in a way that ensures that both the operator and local residents support the chosen party.

Current situation and future

The Municipality of Amsterdam is working towards being a circular city. Extending from its Learning by Doing program, the City also wants to include circular principles in its own real estate developments; the Vondeltuin is a pilot project within this program. The project must show how circularity can take shape in the physical environment, and at the same time let the organization experience what process-related changes are required for circular procurement. Sharing the lessons within the organization is therefore an important part of the project.

The process

We started with two ambition sessions: one with the internal organization and one with the operator. Based on the ambitions set, three architectural firms were pre-selected. All three searched for a contractor, and together went through a multiple closed tender with a dialogue phase. A winner was then selected based on assessments from both the municipality, the operator and local residents.

The results

The Municipality of Amsterdam awarded the design, construction and multi-year maintenance to two parties in partnership: DOOR Architects and De Nijs. They will work together with the client on a final design and then proceed all the way to realizing the plans. For inspiration, we’ve summarized the three submissions in this document (in Dutch). The new Vondeltuin is due to be completed in the spring of 2020.

“With the help of Copper8, we were able to put the tender for this iconic project on the market properly for the Municipality of Amsterdam. It was also unique for our organization to award the tender 100% on the basis of quality. That process has since led to this brilliant result.” Arno de Wijn Project Manager

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