Circular revenue models

Circular revenue models

In today’s economy, business often revolves around self-interest and short-term profit. But in a circular economy, the emphasis shifts to long-term value creation in all areas, for many parties. We create revenue models in which developments in technical content come together with the right financial incentives, fuelled by the right collaborations.

What we do

We begin with a sketch of the circular system. Which (raw) materials, products and other value streams are being exchanged in the system? And which stakeholders are involved? Then we shift these value streams to minimize resource wastage and maximize value. With this service we look at:

  • How an organization can earn money in a circular scenario, by establishing partnerships with parties that close the loop. We also investigate how circular revenue models can contribute to circular objectives.
  • Implementing circular revenue models to guarantee circularity – for example, that could mean that companies not only buy circularly made chairs, but also use them in a circular way.
  • Whether the same incentive will work for different companies as they collaborate in pursuit of circular goals.

The crucial final step: working out the sketch in practice. This starts with organizing the collaboration between all the parties involved; together, we work out the system step-by-step and we try to revise existing frameworks where necessary.

Our experience

We were the creators of the concept ‘saving at home’ (‘besparen in huis’ in Dutch) – the first concept in which Eigen Haard tenants could rent white goods as a service. Since then, we have been able to apply this philosophy on several occasions: for example, we have worked with Flown and with Bundles, and we have looked at how profits and risks could be spread in projects including the circular procurement of loose office furniture for the Municipality of Leiden, the circular tender for office furniture for Alliander Duiven, climate and cost neutral demolition and development for Stadstuin Overtoom, and the Fair Meter project.

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