5 questions for… Stefan Favrin

on 24 October 2019

We have another new addition to the team! Stefan Favrin started at Copper8 in mid-October. He is an analytical hero who you might bump into on the football field at the weekend.

Want to know more about Stefan? We asked him five questions to get acquainted.

Describe yourself in 3 words …
Go-getter, critical and accessible

What unique quality do you bring to the team?
To link this to the three words I used to describe myself, I think that my unique quality revolves around the fact that I am very strong analytically, plus I have a critical eye. I am easy going, and I like to challenge others to achieve great results. With my background in business administration, I also bring a good insight into the way many companies currently think, and that makes it easier to get involved in facilitating the transition to more sustainable business operations.

Why did you choose Copper8?
There are two main reasons. The most important one is that I wanted to start my career in the field of sustainability; not where it plays a supporting role in an organization, but where sustainability is really the core business. In that respect, Copper8 is perfect – sustainability comes first in everything they do here, from the lunches to the design of the office. The second reason I chose Copper8 is its small scale, which I think is very powerful. It means that the team members are closely connected, and that everyone’s opinion is considered. This makes the solutions we can propose more effective and creative, because everyone knows what they can expect from each other. Being part of such a close, ambitious and creative team is something that really appeals to me.

What is your dream project?
It’s difficult to define one specific dream project, so it’s going to be more of a description of the various elements that my dream project would have. My ideal project would be one that takes place internationally, because I think there is much to be gained from an international approach – not just because of the size of an international project (and therefore its impact), but also because there is less chance of ‘burden shifting’ if you step back from national frameworks and take a wider view. With this international perspective, my dream project would focus on analyzing entire product chains and providing advice to make them more sustainable. Quantitative (e.g., impact) and qualitative (e.g., behavioral) elements would both play a role. The complexity of a project like this is what makes it interesting for me.

Another totally unrelated – but very interesting – project would be to ask the question: is the capitalist ideology on which our current society is based really suitable for ultimately creating a sustainable society, or are these two contrasting concepts? Or would a different philosophy be better suited to solving the sustainability problems we face in today’s society? I think this is an interesting question because we accept the capitalist system as a given. Perhaps exploring this area would provide valuable insights that we could add to the futuristic worldview we want to create.

When you’re not busy improving the world, where can we find you?
That changes a lot. I can be found at my football club three days a week; I have been playing there for 13 years now, in the same team of friends I started playing football with at the age of six. When I’m not on the football field, I like to read a book at home (fictional or sustainability-related), and I like to spend time with my girlfriend, my twin brother and my friends.

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