Research thesis on Design Thinking for Circular Building

on 31 March 2020

In January, Juan D’coutho joined our team as a graduate intern. Juan is in the final phase of her course on Construction Management and Engineering at TU Delft. In the coming months, she will study how ‘design thinking’ methodology can help us realize circular buildings.

Design thinking is a methodology with various elements and tools that shape the process for designing innovative products. Just like with circular buildings, when you start the process of creating these kinds of products, you don’t yet have a clear picture of the result. Design thinking aims to build clarity iteratively during the process. In design thinking, discussing the current state of affairs is central – and it’s something we do continuously in our daily work. Juan will investigate which elements of design thinking can be applied in the initiation phase of creating a circular building. As a result, we aim to offer clients more support and structure in the search for the(ir) most circular building.

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