Graduate Research on Extended Producer Responsibility

on 14 December 2019

Jurriaan Vink joined Copper8 in mid-November as a graduate trainee. In the coming months, he will delve into the subject of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

The European Circular Economy Package and the Dutch Government-wide Programme for a Circular Economy both mention EPR as an important way to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Jurriaan will investigate how EPR can contribute to the circular economy – what forms of EPR are most and least effective, and how can an EPR system be introduced.

Jurriaan will approach this subject from his perspective as a graduate in Philosophy (he has a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Groningen) and in Engineering and Policy Analysis (he is now completing his studies at TU Delft).

If you want to learn more about Jurriaan’s research, you can contact him at

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