Copper8 turns 8!

on 07 March 2021

Today is our birthday, and a special birthday it is too: we started 8 years ago today. And you don’t have to know us well to know that we have a connection with the beautiful number 8…

We would have preferred to throw a party, of course – one in which we could look back on what we have achieved in the past 8 years, but also look ahead to what we can and need to do to make that bright future we’re working toward a reality. We would dream together and connect people who do not yet know each other but should. After all, it’s inspiration that drives us, and we often find that inspiration in chance encounters.

The person whose birthday it is treats everyone, so we have found an alternative way to do that and provide a little inspiration at the same time. Today we’re giving you 8 recommendations for documentaries that are meaningful to us and available for free (yes, free!) via the cool sustainable streaming platform Waterbear.


Hopefully this list provides not only the inspiration you need, but also a little distraction in today’s reality. Now it’s up to you to share your favorite film on Waterbear with your network! Because the power of movement is ultimately what can make that beautiful sustainable future a reality.


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