Jeroen Verberne is WELL AP!

on 01 May 2020

We are very proud to share that Jeroen Verberne has successfully completed his exams to become a WELL Accredited Professional (AP)! As a WELL AP, his ambition is to apply scientific research to make buildings healthy and create a healthy working environment for users.

The WELL Building Standard™ is the first classification system in the world that focuses exclusively on the health of buildings in relation to its users. The WELL Building Standard™ focuses on 11 themes: air, light, water, food, exercise, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mental health, social health and innovation. Using medical scientific research as a basis, the WELL Building Standard™ measures and assesses the impact of a building on people’s health and wellbeing. This provides clients with insights into the effect the building has on the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, immune system and the muscular system of the human body.

Research shows that as humans, we spend an average of 90% of our time inside buildings. Most of the operating costs of high-end buildings and businesses come from employees, and 90% of a company’s operating costs now go to salaries and personnel. This makes it crucial for employees to be involved, and to remain happy, healthy and satisfied. Initiating WELL leads to lower illness-related absenteeism, as well as higher productivity, turnover and profit.

In the transition to the circular economy, we see more and more interfaces between human health on one side and the health of materials on the other. For example, healthy materials have a direct impact on the quality of a workplace and the health performance of a building. Using renewable and natural materials in construction also results in a healthy environment in use. It is essential to take an integrated approach to health and circularity.

Jeroen guides clients in successfully completing the WELL requirements and advocates people-oriented healthy design. This guidance consists of several parts:

  1. Information about The WELL Building Standard™ and healthy buildings.
  2. A baseline measurement of the current situation.
  3. Process advice and a step-by-step plan for obtaining a WELL certificate.
  4. Guidance on obtaining a certificate (silver, gold or platinum) and team participation during the design, realization and delivery of the construction.

If you are interested in one of these steps or you need more information, please contact us!

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