Eigen Haard

Stadstuin Overtoom: climate and cost neutral demolition and development

The background

In 2008, the housing association Eigen Haard was in charge of demolishing 350 houses and developing about 480 new houses. Eigen Haard wanted to do this in a way that was climate and cost-neutral. In collaboration with Eigen Haard, we developed the unique concept Co-Green.


Collaboration between disciplines was at the heart of the project, and to facilitate this we developed an innovative procurement process. It was essential to carry out the whole assignment sustainably, and within budget. In developing the process, we addressed the assignment comprehensively – from demolition to newly-built properties and demolition after the lifespan of those properties.

The question

Help us to demolish and rebuild 350 homes in a climate- and cost-neutral way. Do this by selecting the right parties through an innovative procurement process. And guarantee the collaboration between the parties to ensure sustainable results for the future, too.

Current situation and future

The climate- and cost-neutral demolition and new-build assignment had to be fully integral. As a result, income from the operations phase could be settled by sustainability efforts during the preparation and realization. The creation of trust between the parties involved was a definite prerequisite.

The process

We addressed this challenge in two steps. First, we developed an innovative procurement process aimed at building collaboration between disciplines, then we supervised the contract. Collaboration was central here too: together, the parties determined the goals, performance indicators, closing budget and a number of rules for working together. These apply to the manner in which the current parties collaborate, but also to the parties who will contribute to the project in the future.

The results

By working together smartly, less costs are incurred, and this financial gain can be invested in sustainable and circular solutions. Co-Green has won several awards for its sustainable results and an innovative approach. In the end, the demolition and newly-built properties were addressed in phases, with the parties being financially committed to the goals. This led to a dynamic distribution model – the profit margin is linked to the degree of success achieved. In this way, the parties endure the pain and the gain together.

"Cécile and Noor have been like good parents for Co-Green; they put down a good foundation and knew when to step away so that the collaboration could mature." Jurgen van de Laarschot Project Developer

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