Sybren Bosch: from entrepreneurial to entrepreneur!

on 01 November 2021

When Copper8 was established about 9 years ago, we had an idiosyncratic idea about the business model: in our opinion, we took a unique approach. Doing business together is one of the concepts that has a central place in our model. After a few years of learning and getting to know each other, the opportunity has arisen to really take the step towards doing business together.

We’re excited that Sybren has said ‘yes’! From 1 November, he will extend his informal entrepreneurialism and become a formal co-entrepreneur at Copper8.

We can’t imagine that you don’t know Sybren yet – aside from being clearly visible wherever he goes thanks to his height, he has also been helping to build Copper8 for years. For example, Sybren immersed himself in exploring the metal demand that’s necessary for our energy transition; he has been organizing Springtij’s circular program for years; he attracted the Circular Procurement Action Team for CB’23; he is involved in the City Deal Conceptual and Circular Building; and he trained buyers in the Circular Procurement Academy for four years. And that’s not all – there’s a lot more to Sybren: he is a referee, a fanatic cyclist, he walked around at the RLi for 4 years and he’s a board member at the Jimmy Nelson Foundation.

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