Jeroen van Muiswinkel

Senior consultant

‘Wherever the wind takes me’ applies to Jeroen both privately and professionally. Jeroen’s personal mission is to make an impact, so that both his sons will live in a world that’s just as beautiful as the one he lives in. How? By inspiring 100,000 people with circularity and then have them take action, because he is enthusiastic about concrete possibilities and examples of circularity.

It’s a cliché, perhaps, but collaboration is the key, according to Jeroen. Combine the ‘wind in the sails’ that the government provides, for example, with listening carefully to and learning from each other, and add a healthy financial and social circular business model, and the circular chain collaboration he dreams of has begun! Oh, and he also likes to work with a healthy dose of humor…

A little headwind isn’t such a bad thing either; put Jeroen on a skûtsje, laser or windsurf board and he’ll enjoy ‘doing fun things with nice people’. According to Jeroen, this always takes you where you need to be, even if you have to travel ‘against the wind’… Will you join him?