Lucie Jansen


Lucie is a ‘sun person’: if the sun is shining, she’s in good company and surrounded by beautiful nature, she’s content. But to keep enjoying this simple pleasure, a systematic change is required. What Lucie finds interesting is how to encourage the right people to participate in a transition.

Lucie’s friends describe her as someone who can listen well and then put her finger right on the point of what’s being said. She’s energized by weighing up different perspectives, and she’s open to varying opinions and approaches. But she is driven to reach a conclusion efficiently, so she adopts a critical attitude, from a position of understanding.

Lucie is interested in the intersection between people and the environment, and she likes to focus on how to stimulate people. With a background in economics as well as political science, Lucie is seeking incentives, including policy-based incentives, for a circular economy. What she wants is to work together towards a sustainable future.