Alliander Duiven

Sustainable refurbishment for Alliander Duiven

The background

Copper8 helped Alliander with its sustainable refurbishment. The result? An office that is energy-efficient and constructed mainly from recycled materials.


Alliander’s sustainable refurbishment started with an innovative European procurement process, encouraging collaboration between all the parties involved. The most important thing was that the project had to be dealt with authentically and integrally, and with respect for the existing building.

The question

Help us select the right parties and guide the collaborative process to develop the new accommodation for Alliander. Take into account the ambitions that have been set for this development: it must be a circular building and construction process, the building must be energy efficient and complement the new work, and the area around the building must be included in the development.

Current situation and future

The starting point for a successful and financially responsible offer was that the financial offer had to fall within the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) framework. In addition, the space had to be developed on the existing site, it had to accommodate twice as many employees as the current building, and the project had to be executed on schedule.

The process

We first asked the question ‘what does Alliander really want to achieve with this task?’ On this basis, we developed the procurement strategy, with which we challenged the market to bring together design, installation technology, engineering, executive and management disciplines. Eventually three consortia remained in the tender, and we conducted an intensive and truly open dialogue with them about the award phase. In these conversations, the boundaries between the disciplines within the consortia faded and innovations appeared.

The results

We awarded the tender on the basis of the Economisch Meest Voordelige Inschrijving (EMVI) – the most economically advantageous tender. The design exceeded the organization’s expectations and the cost estimate was well within that determined by the TCO framework. The result is a unique, energy-efficient building that is mainly constructed using recycled materials.

The parties involved were all very positive about the procurement procedure. It was appealing for them that their expertise was used and that they collaborated across disciplines so that innovations could develop. The relatively short term in which the tender was carried out was also a big plus, because it imposes only a limited administrative burden on the organizations. Ton Bernts Manager Facilities

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