Het Voedingscentrum (the Nutrition Center)

Circular housing

The background

Het Voedingscentrum (the Nutrition Center) moved to a new location in the center of The Hague at the end of 2017. The organization wanted to use this new location to present itself as sustainable and flexible, and of course with a clear nod to its daily practice: nutrition. The result is an inspiring work environment with maximum reuse of the available existing materials – lamps made from old milk cans and even mushrooms!


The new rented office was a blank canvas – a shell divided over two floors – offering a perfect opportunity to create a suitable new space. Sustainability took priority in the development and design. The space had to strengthen the organization (particularly the people) and its identity by optimally responding to and providing space for the current and future needs and changes in the world of nutrition.

The question

Support us in tendering the design, construction and maintenance of our new work environment, with the result being the selection of a partner that can realize our ambitions in the areas of health, safety and sustainability.

Current situation and future

In order to select the right partner(s) for design, realization and maintenance in this context, invitations were sent out to take part in a limited tender. Within this tender, attention was focused on the following aspects: an appropriate and future-oriented work environment, a sustainable environment in terms of products and materials, and an environment that would support the organization in its learning. About 70 employees needed to be accommodated in an area of approximately 1,150 m2. Flexibility during the contract was important – after all, successful new ways of working should be able to be applied more widely after being tested.

The process

We started by looking for market parties that could realize the ambitions of Het Voedingscentrum. To do this, we compiled a list of parties that had experience in and a relevant vision of the organization’s ambitions. We then held a short dialogue phase with three selected parties, in which the ambitions of Het Voedingscentrum were explained in more detail, and the parties had the opportunity to ask questions and test their ideas. One party was selected that could best realize the ambitions. Copper8 cooperated with Wytze Kuijper from ZOOOW! to guide Het Voedingscentrum’s employees in the transition to their new work environment.

The results

Het Voedingscentrum is working with LIAG – an agency that fits with their ambitions in terms of vision and that came up with the most complete design and practical plan. The new office is energy-efficient, and the interior design features circular construction as well as environmentally friendly and recycled materials with a long lifespan. Het Voedingscentrum signed a sustainability cooperation agreement with the landlord. The employees’ wellbeing was also considered in the design. The result is a green, open workspace focused on a new way of working, where movement is stimulated. And, of course, food plays an important role in the interior – there are images of food and lamps are made from old pans, for example.

“As the Management Team, we had high ambitions for our relocation, including in the area of sustainability. With the guidance of Copper8, this ambition was not only refined, but also raised and achieved, with a great result and a pleasant working environment.” Jelle Jager Business Manager

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