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Sustainability and circularity strategy development

The dynamics in which organisations operate are often complex, and the consequences of developments can’t always be overseen. That’s why Copper8 helps organisations develop their sustainability and circular economy strategy.

What we do

Together with our clients, we begin by formulating a definition of sustainability and circularity. In the second step, we make clear what these topics mean specifically to the organisation. In what way is the organisation currently working with the topics? The third step is to determine the organisation’s ambitions and to establish how sustainability and circularity should be made part of business operations in the future. In the final steps, we make the strategy concrete. What opportunities do we see? Which projects would best represent the new strategy? And how do we get started? The whole process is strongly focused on collaboration. We don’t invent a strategy for our clients; instead, we ask the right questions and give the right direction so that our client can come up with a new strategy themselves.

Our experience

In one of our projects, we helped Dutch contractor J.P. van Eesteren develop their strategy. This led to a clear positioning for the contractor on sustainability, and to concrete projects. We also supported Alliander in developing their strategy on circular business management.

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